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Our student art exhibition is now on! At SNOW CREEK GALLERY, Mt Shasta Blvd, Mount Shasta, over 50 pieces of wonderful student artwork, along with some donated pieces from local artists, and teachers as well.

The artwork is on display daily until February 16, when the final auction will take place from 12.45-2pm PST.


You can enter a bid on a piece of your favorite art now: phone the school or email us. And if you would not like to be outbid, you can take place in the live auction on February 16 via phone with one of our students or teachers.

Our School Board President, Mr Steve Hillman, will be the live auctioneer.


Come and see the artwork for yourself! Or click below to view the pieces available.

What parents have to say...

"I am in a training session right now talking about positive success for our youth.....I am so thankful for you guys and the "I AM" School. My children are so blessed to attend and be loved, nurtured, taught academically and spiritually. There are so many kids in our society who are not even seen in their school setting and therefore are not nurtured and only seen as part of the funding needed. I have such gratitude and love for everyone. Thank you again for being one of the biggest blessings in our lives."

~ Jenny (mother of 3 students)

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