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Our Legacy, Our Responsibility

The first focus for the “I AM” School activity started in Los Angeles in the fall of 1935…

From this focus a group of strong, fearless, determined “I AM” Ascended Master Youth went to the home of


Mrs. Donna Lucas in Los Angeles in September 1936 to insist upon establishing a focus for an “I AM” School.

Beloved Lady Donna went to Our Beloved Daddy and Mama Ballard and offered her services to keep it sustained. 


They asked Beloved Saint Germain and He said “Yes! ”

Beloved Saint Germain told them, that “if this one failed, there would not be another one for two hundred years.”


Beloved of the Light, It is with deep, sincere gratitude that we are announcing the 150 Fellowship of the “I AM” School.


We thank and bless everyone who has stood by us during the years.


We offer you the opportunity of becoming one of Beloved Saint Germain’s Legions on Guard for the “I AM” School, that it may be forever sustained in providing the Purity of Education that draw all into THE WORSHIP OF GOD FOREVER!


If 150 strong, fearless, determined Fellows have a Heart’s Desire to give this decree to bless and sustain This Activity of the “I AM” School, all expenses would be covered, and we shall not want!


We Bless you for Eternity and Call to the Great Divine Director that every Gift of Love which is given from the Heart to sustain This Activity of the “I AM” is amplified many times to the Giver!



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