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Our Junior High School academics - Grades 6 to 8 - include all our base subjects below, as well as Art, Music and Drama, which is included for all students in our curriculum.
Language Arts

Our Language Arts program is very comprehensive covering English grammar, vocabulary, spelling, penmanship including cursive, creative writing, essay writing, poetry, book reports, reading program which emphasizes intensive phonics, reading comprehension, and more.


Ancient History

Ancient History includes and challenges what we know, and don't yet know of the history of the world beginning with "lost civilizations" of Atlantis and others, through the ice age and more well-known civilizations, such as: Ancient Inca, Maya, India, Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Greece and Rome. We study their societies, government, and technologies.

This subject rotates on a yearly cycle with American History, Geography and Medieval History.


Math at the "I AM" School is not necessarily grade specific, but rather each individual is assessed upon admission. Courses taught are from basic math concepts, including Geometry, through to Algebra level.



Geography takes a closer look at Earth sciences such as weather and geological changes and their effect on humanity, and vice-versa the effect of humanity on our planet.

We learn what sustainability is and practice gardening and hydroponics. We learn the states of America and countries of the world, and the differences in geography and societies.

This subject rotates on a yearly cycle with Ancient History, American History and Medieval History.


Science is a subject that builds layer upon layer each year, with more depth in each scientific concept. Students learn to question the natural world around them, to discover for themselves the wonder and beauty within. 


American History

American History looks to understand the recent history of the United States of America, our founding forefathers, government, and societies. We also look at America's Ancient History, its peoples, and the impact of European settlement. We learn the geographical features of our country, memorize the states, and look into each states unique characteristics and societies.

This subject rotates on a yearly cycle with Ancient History, Geography and Medieval History.

Medieval History

Medieval History, or the study of the Middle Ages, includes the period from the end of the Roman Empire through to around the 15th century. We study religions, populations, ruling factions and society, artistic achievements, and literature predominantly in Europe and the Middle East.

This subject rotates on a yearly cycle with American History, Ancient History and Geography.

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