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Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles "I AM" School  - 1940

History of Beloved Saint Germain's "I AM" School

The first "I AM" School of Los Angeles came forth in the fall of 1936 from the impelling inner urge of seven children and their parents. Lady Donna told them to find instructors. So they did, but there was no building. Lady Donna offered her home, which was a spacious apartment. They were to use the living room, the dining room, and the kitchen (for a laboratory). Soon there were twenty students and Lady Donna had to give up her master bedroom. The line was drawn at 20 students until a larger building could be found. Then Lady Donna went to St. Louis for a Class held by the Messengers (Beloved Godfré and Beloved Lotus), and was gone for two weeks. When she got back, more students had arrived and the entire apartment was in use. They had been calling for the perfect school building. There were 40 local "I AM" Students looking for a building and 8 or 10 realtors. (Taken from notes from Lady Donna's talk to the "I AM" School, September 9, 1948)

LA beginning low res.jpg

The following excerpts are from Lady Donna's transcript:

"Nothing was happening so Lady Donna called in the little children and told them to decree for the building to be released. The little children called to their Presence and visualized the building and them in it. Then they all gave thanks and said, 'it's done.' The day after that a man came to the door. He was an inspector and heard that they were looking for a school building. He told Lady Donna about a school on Magnolia. That became the 'I AM' School.

Virgil Avenue, Los Angeles - 1939

"At the end of that school year, the building was not meeting their needs, so Lady Donna went and saw a Dr. McCurda who had built a preparatory school for college and she asked him if they could rent 10 classrooms. He said 'yes.' There were only 12 students and Beloved Godfré told Lady Donna that Beloved Saint Germain said to 'have everyone connected with the school or who desires to come into the 'I AM' School to see every desk, every chair filled with Saint Germain's Ascended Master Youth in all of these classrooms. See it! Actually feel It is in action. Make your Call to your 'Mighty I AM Presence' and to Me.' And before that year was out, there were 87 students.

"They outgrew that building, and a school that had been an all girls' school was found on Wilshire Boulevard. It was a three story building with beautiful grounds.


"Just before World War II, in the fall of 1941, the school moved to a $250,000 country estate with a magnificent mansion, spacious grounds and an extra large swimming pool, located on Country Club Drive. "

LA last low res.jpg

6367 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles - 1940

"There was a large enrollment of resident students. Then came WWII. The government commandeered all large swimming pools to install anit-aircraft guns. This interested the students and made the parents panic, and they demanded the children come home. The children refused, so a new, safer place had to be found.

Santa Fe low res.jpg

"Santa Fe, New Mexico was selected because of its isolation—no railroad, no street cars, no paved streets—a quiet, small city of about 17,000. Beloved Lotus approved and gave Her permission.

"The School moved and within a matter of a few weeks 500 adult 'I AM' Students followed and Beloved Saint Germain's Activity was established—comprising Beloved Lotus' home, the 'I AM' School, the 'I AM' Sanctuary, the Saint Germain Press, Saint

Grant Ave, Santa Fe - Building Front - 1943-1950

Germain's Hydroponic Gardens, and the 'I AM' Studios in which our wonderful Ascended Masters' Pictures and the Chart of the 'I AM Presence' were produced by Beloved May DaCamara."

The following notes are from typed notes in our files, and from memory of students:

The school remained in Santa Fe until August 1975, when it moved to Azel, Texas. One student, Sheila Taylor kept the school open.

In 1977, the school moved to Denver, Colorado. Denver was chosen after a questionnaire was sent out to "I AM" Students regarding the future location of

santa fe third low res.jpg
santa fe sanctuary with kids.jpg

Santa Fe School - 1950-1954

Paseo de la Cuma, Santa Fe - 1954-1975

the "I AM" School. Denver was chosen because of its central location, mountain environment, its "I AM" Temple, and availability of jobs. Also, there were over a dozen school aged children in the Denver area, and Beloved Lotus years ago had approved Denver as a location for an "I AM" School.

ogden denver low res.jpg

Ogden Street, Denver - 1977-1992

The first "I AM" School building was on 777 Ogden Street, right next to the
"I AM" Sanctuary. It remained there until 1992, when a bigger building was needed. 

In 1992, a building in Littleton, Colorado was found. It was 11,000 square feet and had been used as a private, religious school.

denver big or santa fe low res.jpg

We remained in that area until 1997, when the school moved to its current location in Mount Shasta.

Littleton, Denver - 1992-1997

Mount Shasta had always been a desired location for an "I AM" School. In the late 1980's a proposal had been made to move the school at that time, but the timing was not right.

Upon hearing about our move to Mount Shasta, our Beloved Messenger

Anne Craig sent a letter to the School saying "when Beloved Mama (Lotus) sent us (Beloved Anne and Jerry Craig) to Mount Shasta in 1948, she said: 'The Brotherhood of Mount Shasta want to draw the youth of America closer to Them.'" We truly feel we were drawn to our Beloved Mount Shasta and the Brotherhood of Mount Shasta, and feel we are truly home.

In 1997, the "I AM" School purchased its first building on 118 Siskiyou Avenue, a small 1500 square foot building that had been used as a Montessori school. It was brown, and not very beautiful, and needed a lot of TLC. But after some paint, new carpet, flooring and shelving, the school became something of which our Principal, Beloved Saint Germain, could be proud.

Construction began immediately on our 5,000 square foot addition and in 1998 we moved in. In 2002, five more lots were purchased; two adjacent to the school to house the "I AM" School Residence, and three across the street to house the rest of our campus. We now have a full service campus plan that will be made manifest.

In November 2013, Beloved Saint Germain's "I AM" School Residence was completed, and students began living in the beautiful, state of the art, Ascended Master home, adjacent to the "I AM" School.


 Mount Shasta Campus - left "I AM" Residence, middle main school, right Sanctuary and Library

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