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Beloved Saint Germain's "I AM" School is founded on the "I AM" Activity, which presents the Original Ascended Master Instruction from the Teachings given in the Books of the Saint Germain Series, and in other material released by Saint Germain Foundation and distributed worldwide by the Saint Germain Press.


This "I AM" Activity teaches the Universal Laws of Life, and is integrated through all subjects taught at the "I AM" School. First and foremost the students at the "I AM" School are taught to love one's own "Beloved Mighty I AM Presence" within, which is each one's own individualized Presence of God. Out of this awareness and connection to one's "Mighty I AM Presence" stems all conscious knowledge, understanding, and right use of the Great Creative Power of the Universe. 

    "The 'I AM' Schools are and should always be the greatest enjoyment in the growing activity of every child and young person.

    "Every moment of everyday in every 'I AM' School should be a constant service to Life in the great Harmony and Consciousness of the Ascended Masters and the constant use of Their Light Rays."

The Voice of the "I AM," 38.12:26



   The lower figure represents the human or flesh body; the Upper Figure represents the Individualized Presence of God, which is the Electronic Body of the "Mighty I AM Presence."...

   The Ray of Light which goes from the Heart of the "Presence," through the top of the head, anchoring within the Heart of the flesh body, is the Life, the Light, the Substance, the Energy, the Intelligence and the Activity by which the physical body has Life and is enabled to move about.

   When your attention goes to the "Mighty I AM Presence," this Ray of Light and Energy begins to intensify and expand, until the Point of Light within every cell of the flesh body responds to It. Then the process of throwing off the denser qualities of the flesh body begins. As this intensifies, the Radiance forms a Tube of Light about the flesh body. ...

   The Violet Flame flowing up, through and around the lower figure, represents the Violet Consuming Flame, which is released by your "Mighty I AM Presence" when you call for Its Action to be passed through you and your world to consume all discordant creation, past and present. ...

   When you sincerely and firmly give attention to your "Mighty I AM Presence," your Ascension begins that moment. The practical part of this True Understanding is that when you give your attention firmly to your "Presence," the Ray of Light and Energy from your "Presence" begins to intensify and expand, causing the rapid expansion of the Light within every cell of your body, until the Earth loses its attraction for the body.

   Then, as the attention continues to the "Presence," the finer part of the flesh body ascends and is absorbed into the Higher Mental Body. Thus, the Transformation from the human into the Divine takes place; all sense and appearance of age leaves the face and body; the hair returns to its natural color; and the clothing dissolves into the Garments of the Higher Octaves. Then the finer part of the flesh body is drawn into the Higher Mental Body, and It ascends into the Electronic Body of the "Mighty I AM Presence" when the individual becomes the Ascended Being, which Beloved Jesus, Beloved Saint Germain, and hundreds of Others are. ...

The Color Radiance around the "Presence" represents the accumulation of all the good from all the past lives of the individual. It is a Great Storehouse of Energy which the individual has earned. This Great Energy will be released into physical use when enough attention has been given to the "Presence." ...

At the left of the lower figure is Mount Shasta, where some of the experiences of Unveiled Mysteries took place. At the right are the Teton Mountains where the Retreat, the Royal Teton, is located. It is in this Retreat that the Great Assembly of the Ascended Masters meet twice each year to render a Mighty Service of Light, Love and Perfection for the Freedom and Blessing of mankind and the Earth.

CLICK HERE to read more regarding the "Mighty I AM Presence" at the official Saint Germain Foundation website.

Excerpt taken from 'Explanation of the "Beloved Mighty I AM Presence,"' 

a Saint Germain Foundation instructional pamphlet, Copyright 1984



   The Great Ascended Master Saint Germain, one of those Powerful Cosmic Beings from the Great Host of Ascended Masters who govern this planet, is the governing Master for this Golden Age. He is the Greatest Blessing that has ever come to mankind, because He operates under the Ray which is the Purifying Power to the Earth. Beloved Saint Germain is the Law of the Seventh Ray, the Violet Ray to this Earth, the only means of releasing this Cleansing, Purifying Power. Beloved Saint Germain’s Service is given by the Outpouring of His Light and Love to the people of America and the world, and through their conscious cooperation with the Ascended Masters, the Angelic Host and the Legions of Light.


Excerpt taken from the Saint Germain Foundation official website. CLICK HERE for more information

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