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Grad Speech Spotlight - Shanti

Updated: Jun 20

     I chose Beloved Leto to be my Master this year because She was the first Ascended Master I saw coming into this Light. Beloved Leto has so much Light and Beauty and Radiant colors. Her picture has always called to me.

There is so much Light and Love in this School. This School changes one’s life if you let it. I can't think of a more special gift, than to be taught of your God-self, the Ascended Masters, and the Violet Flame, and to know how to call to them and for them.

What does the Light mean to me? - To me, Light is all things good. All things Pure in Heart. Bright, and Cheerful. To me, Light is my Mighty “I AM” Presence and my Tube of Light. Light is the sun and flowers. Light flows through our bodies, and purifies us, giving us that amazing happy feeling in your stomach and that makes you smile. Light is something you can call for, meditate and contemplate on, and bring it into manifestation.

These are the words of our Beloved Lady Master Leto:

“The Light that is here within your heart, which causes your heart to beat, is the Light and Power of this Presence! It is not visible yet to the physical sight; but with your attention constantly going to the Presence, and calling Its Powers and Activity forth into your mind and body; then sooner or later, that Light in your heart will be visible to the sight thru your clothing! It has to do it! There is nothing that can stop It in the world; because there is no resistance to This Light, as It goes forth in and thru your Body! It is impossible for It to not come forth!”  (The Voice of the “I AM,” 1942.12:12-13)

  And we thank and bless our Beloved Leto for those words.


Excerpt from her 2024 Graduation Speech.

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