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Art is a major part of our curriculum through to middle school. Thereafter students begin to choose a pathway of subjects more specific to their aspirations, and have the opportunity to take their art to higher levels, or pursue other academic subjects more in-depth. 

Grade school art begins with learning both modern and traditional expressions of beauty. Art is intrinsically woven through all other academic subjects, promoting high ideals of beauty and care in all of the work the students present.

Art & Craft Skills

Art is taught as an expression of the students' understanding of a subject or their imagination and contemplation of a topic, and encourages care and pride in the work they present. 

We teach craft skills such as: sewing, knitting, paper mâché, paper making, origami, and other crafts; along with traditional art skills such as drawing, water colors, murals, color/frequency theory, and composition.

Art is used in all other academic subjects as well, through in-class projects, displays, posters and crafts.


Workshop covers a wide variety of artistic endeavors that essentially involve design skills and practical hands-on making of a project. Skills taught use physical materials such as metal, stone, wood, lino, ceramics, clay, and glass; and include carving, soldering, printing, carpentry, and sculpting.

The introduction at a young age to working with physical materials encourages dexterity, problem solving, spatial awareness, patience, design/visualization, personal safety and above all responsibility. We note these tasks build the students' sense of personal achievement and self value, and foster the care and pride in all they do that permeates other academic subjects.

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