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Art is a High School subject for between two to four years, depending on the vocational and subject focuses of the student.
Workshop is an elective that can be taken in place of classical art studies, depending on the students interests.
Classical Art

In classical art studies we explore in depth concepts of color & light theory, through pencil studies, still life and watercolor, oil and acrylic studies.

We study perspective drawing and studies from life through plein air painting, and architectural sketching on site. We use casein paint for our plein air studies, and travel to nearby scenic sites to practice and to develop final works of art.

We hold an Art Gallery Exhibition once or twice a year, depending on the volume of work from the students as a fundraiser. For this gallery exhibition students can submit any constructive artwork they have completed through the year, in class or their own time or external classes.


Workshop covers a wide variety of artist endeavors that essentially involve design skills and practical hands-on making of a project. Skills taught use physical materials such as metal, stone, wood, lino, ceramics, clay, and glass; and include carving, soldering, printing, carpentry, and sculpting.

Working with physical materials encourages dexterity, problem solving, spatial awareness, patience, design/visualization, personal safety and above all responsibility.

High School students often focus on one large project to contribute to the student art gallery exhibition fundraiser. 

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