High School Academics

Our high school academics includes a minimum program of four years English & history courses, three sciences, three math, and two foreign language (or English as a second language) in order to graduate
from the "I AM" School.
Our program also includes geography and business & leadership (as well as art, graphics and music). Our high school programs focus around the individual student, taking into account their needs, talents, and intended future study or vocation path.
English & History

English & History is a four year compulsory requirement to graduate from the "I AM" School. Each course is one year duration, and includes: 'The World Today and Tomorrow'; Economics; American History; English Literature; and Ancient Civilizations.


Business & Leadership

Business & Leadership takes a closer look at these two complimentary subjects - learning communication skills, public speaking, interviewing,   and team leadership skills. Basic business structures, organizations, industries, business models and entrepreneurialism. 



High School Math includes Pre-Algebra; Geometry; Algebra I; Algebra II; Pre-Calculus; Calculus I & II. Depending on the student, Statistics & Probability, Trigonometry or Business Math can be included or substituted as required.
In order to graduate students
must complete the minumum of 
Algebra II level.



Geography takes a closer look at Earth sciences such as weather and geoloical changes and their effect on humanity, and vice-versa the effect of humanity on our planet. We look at governments, social issues, and world economics. We study sustainability practices in regards to resources, and in business. We study different cultures, religions, and beliefs - food, gardening, ceremony, art and architecture from around the world.



Three High School Sciences are required in order to graduate the "I AM" School, each course being one year duration. High School sciences include: Bioilogy; Chemistry; Physics; and Astronomy; Aviation is also offered on rotation.


Foreign Language / ESL

The "I AM" School is honored to have a native Spanish speaking teacher, and as per the California standards, two full years of a foreign language are required to graduate.

For our foreign students, instead of Spanish or another language, English as a second language (ESL) is compulsory as a two year course, to ensure all students are fluent in English before graduating.


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