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An excerpt from
Jonathan's Speech
Graduation Class of 2016

     The “I AM” School has taught me many things in the years that I have been here; things that I could have never dreamed of learning in any other school.

      The groundwork given is so much more than academic. The "I AM" School has taught me how to use the Laws of Life and the power of the Ascended Masters’ Laws, which is the true groundwork, for the building of my success.  These laws and lessons that I have learned will be with me for the rest of my life and I believe that I should try to pass on what I have learned to help others who come after me. 
       I have learned not to follow the path designated by others, but to forge my own and in doing so make a lasting impression upon the world. Forging your own path and following your dreams run in tandem with one another. With the help of my “Mighty I AM Presence” and my own strength I can achieve any goal or dream I desire to accomplish. I truly believe that everyone has what it takes to make their dreams come true, all they have to do is not be afraid to act and make them a reality.  No dream is too big or too lofty to come true. 


Our Beloved Saint Germain says:
      “Now I think I told you in the beginning in the 'I AM' Discourses, that when you desire to do a constructive thing, if it is something that blesses all, STICK TO IT IF THE HEAVENS FALL! Remember that? Well, don't fail to draw with that Desire Our Ascended Master Discrimination and if That combines with your Desire to do it, it is just like - it's just like an arrow that goes ahead of you, shows you the way and makes the pathway for you and enables you to accomplish your Desire much more rapidly and always Victoriously!”
(Saint Germain, Dictation CD 01677) 

     We thank and bless our Beloved Saint Germain for those words.  I will stick to it, Beloved Saint Germain, and make my dreams a reality.  I know anything is possible with your help.

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