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Middle and High School Mathematics, English Literature, History, Science;
Latin; Art; Physical Education

Miss Stefanie

Miss Stefanie is a former high school graduate and alumni of the “I AM” School. Born in Switzerland and growing up within an “I AM” Student family in New Zealand, she graduated in the United States as a Senior at 16 years old.  She was awarded the “I AM” School’s prestigious Lady Donna Award for Excellence in Academics, Citizenship and Spirituality in her Junior Year.


Miss Stefanie later returned to New Zealand to continue higher education, graduating from Massey University in Auckland, New Zealand with a Bachelor of Arts holding a double major in Mathematics and English.


In 2021, an opportunity arose for Miss Stefanie to commence teaching at the “I AM” School. This was a dream fulfilled as her goal had been to teach at the “I AM” School and to be able to ‘pay forward’ the blessings and knowledge of the "I AM" Activity and Ascended Masters that she had received while attending there as a student.


Miss Stefanie teaches our Middle and Upper grades 6-12. She teaches Mathematics - principally Algebra, Calculus, Geometry and Trigonometry. Ancient, Medieval and American History, English Literature, Latin and Art are also her specialties. She has recently added Science and Physical Education to her responsibilities.


Her extensive range of hobbies include Sailing, Long-distance Running, Mountain-hiking, Snow-boarding, Baking, Piano, Violin, Hand-Bells, Sketching, Painting, Chess, Foreign Travel, Philately, Writing and Reading.

"I AM" School Staff


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"I AM" School - Board of Trustees

The “I AM” School Board of Trustees is made up of members drawn from a range of professional, international, business and educational backgrounds. Everyone who sits on the Board of Trustees is a long-standing member of the “I AM” Religious Activity.


Our Current Board President is Maria Porter.


The “I AM” School Board holds the governance responsibility of guiding decisions at Beloved Saint Germain’s “I AM” School. 


The “I AM” School, Inc. is a private, non-profit 501(c) registered religious school that is founded on the tenets of the “I AM” Religious Activity. The core element of the "I AM" School’s curriculum involves instruction in the “I AM” Activity Religious beliefs.

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