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An excerpt from
Taylor's Speech
Graduation Class of 2013

        The “I AM” School has been completely life-changing, and has taught me more than I could have ever learned anywhere else.  Coming to the “I AM” School was a miracle that was quite a few years in the making. This is my miracle, and what a miracle it has been. 

        Every year had some emphasis on attitude, and it has had a major impact on my life. Without the right approach and the right attitude, I don't think I could have accomplished nearly as much as I have.  By having the right attitude we are more productive, more successful, happier, and more harmonious.

        Having the right attitude enables us to be happy, and being happy has been one of my biggest keys to success.  I have learned that happiness is really a state of mind - it's an attitude.  Happiness is what we all want all of the time, isn't it? At the same time, what is life without harmony?  I have learned to recognize that when I become irritated, to take a moment to think about what it is that is bothering me and why? Then I ask myself, would the Presence feel this way?  The answer is always NO, regardless of what it is.  Each and everyone's individual God Presence only knows Love and Harmony. 


Our Cosmic Master Ray-O-Light says:

        “In changing your feeling, the quick powerful instantaneous change of your attention, will oft-times perform so-called miracles for you thru the change of your attitude.  
If in instantaneous action with your determination to change a feeling, you change your attention in conjunction with it, you will have accomplished tremendously powerful things.  
        I repeat that so you will be sure to get this point:  If you wish to change your desire - suppose it is the change from a wrong desire to a powerful constructive desire which is your 'I AM' Presence: If you change that desire instantaneously holding your attention on the 'I AM' Presence or on some wholly constructive thing, you will have eased the release of that quality from yourself with tremendous power and speed.” 
(Ray-O-Light, The Voice of the “I AM,” 1939.10:13)

       Thank you Beloved Saint Germain for choosing me to attend Your School. I had a lot of Divine Help in getting here as well as throughout my stay, and I know that you had a hand in making sure that all was well. 

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