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Physical Education is included at all levels from first grade through Grade 12. Sport modules generally rotate on a six week basis, weather dependent. During the winter months, all students participate in our annual "ski days", which are four scheduled full days on the mountain, weather co-operating. 
Students are taught and encouraged to succeed in two areas simultaneously: the first being active participation & skill; the second being attitude, teamwork & leadershipwith more emphasis given to the latter.

Sport modules include:


The Mount Shasta region boasts spectacular scenery, and we make the most of the many trails in the area. Black Butte, Fairy Falls, McCloud Falls, Hedge Creek Falls, Spring Hill, Heart Lake and Castle Lake among the many trials we make use of.


Our local archery club is approximately 7 mins drive from the "I AM" School on the other side of Lake Siskiyou. We are privileged to have six week lessons with experienced instructors. Safety and technique is taught, and self-confidence and concentration are key learning activities.

Students can join the local archery club to become a regular practicing member and compete.


Basketball is a school wide challenge that is often played during break and lunch times in the parking lot outside the main school building, where a permanent basketball hoop is situated. You will often see the Administrator also taking part in a quick game of "Lightening" during break with the students.

Ice Skating / Hockey

Mount Shasta Ice Rink is located in Shastice Park, a short 5 minute drive from the "I AM" School. We usually have 4-5 afternoons at the ice rink, which the school often has completely to ourselves.

There are local ice hockey teams of which several of our students take part in, competing with neighboring town teams.

Running / Beep Test

We complete a timed one mile run, (or two mile, depending on the level of the student) for a six week block at the beginning and end of the school year when the weather is nicer. This is often in conjunction with strength training or a beep test to set a base of the students' cardiovascular fitness.

Elementary grade students love to join the "big kids" and participate as much as they can.

Fitness / Circuit Training

For the fitness afternoons, a cycle of  circuit training is set up that incorporates lightweight and resistance training; for example: bicep curls, upright rows, push ups, chair dips, lunges, step ups, trampoline knee ups, squats, skipping, sit-ups, planks, medicine ball swings, and many more. Cycles are 1 minute at each station with a 30 second rest in-between.

The elementary grades love to join in with these activities.

Skiing / Snowboarding

The Mount Shasta Ski Park is a short 15 minute drive from the "I AM" School. Every year we block off 4 "ski days" and all students participate in lessons, depending on their level.

The Ski Park does have youth teams for skiing and snowboarding that students are able to join.

Rock Climbing

Mount Shasta is well-known among the rock climbing community, and Mount Shasta has a small rock climbing gym about 2 minutes drive from the "I AM" School. Alternate years we hold a six week course in climbing techniques and challenges, venturing up to the large climbing gym in Medford for harness training walls.


Spike, set and bump (dig) hits are introduced and practiced through drills and in groups. Games are played by splitting students into even teams, and rules of play introduced.

We have a sand volleyball court and outdoor practice area we make use of which is a short 3 minute drive from the "I AM" School.

Self-confidence, team work and co-operation are key goals in learning.

Yoga / Qi Gong

One afternoon a week we practice strength, fitness training, or balance/resistance training. Yoga or Qi Gong practices encourage strength, suppleness and correct breathing and balance techniques; and help quiet the mind and body after a busy academic day.

Often times the younger grades join in with the whole school.


Soccer is a much loved past time at the "I AM" School, and often times during break you will see the students out on the lawn with one or more soccer balls in action. We also practice drills and fitness around soccer skills, and have an "end of year" teachers & parents verses students' game—always a heated challenge!

There is a local town soccer team which several of our students participate in during the season, travelling to neighboring towns to compete.

Amazing Race /
Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is a school favorite, whereby students are divided into two groups guarding a flag. Teams must try to grab the opposite team's flag without being "tagged" by that team.

The Amazing Race is a game that utilizes orienteering skills (maps, compass, directions), wilderness skills, fitness, problem solving, drama, and strategy. It encourages team work, self-confidence, healthy competition and a serious amount of fun and laughter.

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