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Lady Donna Youth Immersion in Spirituality, Academics and Citizenship

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"Important daily: It is wise to always keep using the Command: "I, Christ, the 'Mighty I AM Presence,' command that there be no interference in the Truth being conveyed to anyone, for Truth is always Its own Defense." This will cause to be projected about the younger Students a Presence that will not accept suggestions that might lead them away from the Truth and from the "Presence" - from which they felt the Inner Response. Saint Germain Series, Volume 4, Discourse 9:81

Details: Open to Youth 13 -18 years

3 Months Duration. First program starts September 2 - November 22, 2024

Description: This is a new project-based learning (PBL) curricula of a 9 month teaching program that has been segmented into three x 3-month PBL blocks that will build sequentially on each other.

First learning theme - 'Discovering Who You Really Are As A Sacred Fire Being.'

Course Details:

SPIRITUALITY     - Flag Ceremony - Discovering the inner meaning of our special "I AM" School salute to the American Flag, and why we give our daily Love to Mighty Helios.
- Leading Assembly – Learning the inner meaning of the Outline and why these decrees have been chosen.
- Light Class 1 – Green Books Volumes 1-3 – English Literature exploration of being a Flame of God, a Sacred Fire Being.
- Light Class 2 – Topics - Use of the Violet Flame, The Hand of God, Breathing, The “I AM” Presence.
- Drama – A Green Books inspired play.

ACADEMICS - English writing and grammar – Theme – The Principles of Freedom and Liberty as given by the Ascended Masters - Mathematics – appropriate grade level - Beloved Kuthumi's embodiment as Pythagoras.
- Music – Bell Choir Performance for Los Angles Election Class.
- Vocal Singing - Focus on the Sacred Fire lyrics of – “Ecstasy”, “I AM” the Presence, “Abide in Me”, “I AM” Thy Temple, “Contemplation”, Holy “I AM”, “The Hand of My Presence”.
- American History – Declaration of Independence – How the early patriots were God Inspired - Our rights of Freedom and Liberty as given to us by God, not government. - Art - Theme - Visualizing The Sacred Fire. - Crafts - Baking, Knitting/Sewing/Crocheting. - Physical Education - Theme - Helios, Neptune, Aires / Hiking, Sailing, Circuit/Beep test.
-  Los Angeles Miracle Election Class Field Trip.
-  Bell Choir Performances.
-  Friday Youth Group @ “I AM” Temple of Mt Shasta

Lady Donna

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