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Drama is a dedicated subject and tends to be a cross-curricular activity as well, often included in subjects such as English, history and geography.

Drama encourages public speaking, self-confidence, understanding of "I AM" Teachings, and historical events in more depth.
We also include dance throughout the year, celebrating Washington's Weekend with colonial dances such as the Virginia Reel; Irish dance to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day; and ballroom dance such as the Venetian Waltz to celebrate our graduates at the graduation banquet. This is usually learned during the winter months of our physical education periods.
Patriotic Plays

Patriotism is encouraged and fostered at the "I AM" School, starting with our flag ceremony at the beginning of the day, and strongly followed up with our American History and our Patriotic Plays.

The whole student body is involved with our Patriotic Plays that we put on each year, and present to our extended community at the "Washington's Weekend" celebrations in February.

Some years we have performed our plays multiple times at different venues; for example, in Philadelphia on a school American History trip to the East Coast.

Historical Plays

Drama is the perfect platform to explore the "I AM" Teachings regarding the events and lessons in both Unveiled Mysteries and The Magic Presence by Godfré Ray King, as well as other events or notable people mentioned within the
"I AM" Activity in historical context—for example, Richard the Lionheart, Robin Hood, and Joan of Arc.

We perform both live plays, and make movies. Movie production provides more context and different roles to explore, whether acting, lighting, sound, directing, production or special effects.


Dance is explored in physical education classes, often in relation to an upcoming event. We have performed several Irish Dances for Saint Patrick's Day, both hard shoe and soft shoe dances. We have two very accomplished ballroom dance teachers in the area and the students and teachers performed the Viennese Waltz for a graduating class banquet. Also traditional colonial dances such at the Virginia Reel, performed after a Patriotic Play in which we showcased the dance, then invited all the attendees to join in.
A lot of fun had by all. 

Dance encourages balance, dexterity, co-ordination, spatial awareness, consideration of others, and general fitness (especially Irish dancing!)

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