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An excerpt from
Olivia's Speech
Graduation Class of 2020

         Over the past few weeks of being enrolled in University, and being taught outside the “I AM” School setting, I have realized how important the “I AM” School is from an inner standpoint. You are not just there to learn about your everyday academics, but to spread your Light to the world and help raise America and yourselves into the Ascension.
         As Ascended Master Youth at the “I AM” School, you build up such a momentum of Light, for you are directly assisting Beloved Saint Germain and the Ascended Masters by studying these teachings every day and applying them to everything you do. It is important to never lose sight of how tremendous of an assistance you are giving our Beloved Masters.


Our Beloved Lady Master Nada says:
       “So no earnest effort is lost! Not one wave of sincere, unselfish Love - the Sacred Fire Love of the Cosmic Christ - not one wave can go out that does not eternally bless Life. And that's what the world needs since the world is taking its Initiation in Love. Surely those of you who understand this Law, I'm quite sure you will see what service you can render to many Life Streams.”                    
(Saint Germain Series, Volume 15:184) 

      Someone once told me that this School is and will forever be your family, your rock, and your constant; and after eight years at His Majesty’s Beloved School, I could not agree more.

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