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News Releases:

The Siskiyou Conservative Republicans (SCR) sponsored an essay contest for any High School or Eighth Grade student in Siskiyou County.  The winner received a cash prize of $300.00, and was honored, with their parents at a SCR luncheon. 
     The “I AM” School had three students enter the contest, and Shanti Asay our 11 th grader won. Shanti chose the topic, “Of all the freedoms we have as United States citizens, do you believe those granted in the First Amendment are the most important? If so, why? If not, why?”
     Shanti read her essay aloud during the luncheon. She wrote about the importance of the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights; and how all other Amendments stem from that first one. The audience was very impressed with how well written the essay was, and how well Shanti understood the importance of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in America, today.
An excerpt from Shanti’s winning essay:
     The First Amendment is the most important amendment which protects freedom of press, freedom of religion, and freedom of the people to assemble and debate amongst themselves. It is the one that guarantees freedom to think independently and to express one's own opinion. Without the First Amendment there would not be the other 9 amendments because individual freedoms must be protected and guaranteed first before other freedoms can be protected and guaranteed.

Newspaper articles:

Newspaper articles about students at the "I AM" School, the "I AM" School itself, and articles written by "I AM" School students published in the local newspaper, the Mount Shasta News.

Radio interviews:

An excerpt from a Jimmy Church radio interview with Emery Smith after a recent visit to Mount Shasta and the "I AM" School. We give recognition to both Jimmy Church Radio, and Emery Smith. For the full interview, go to For more information on Emery Smith, go to

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