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Program Description


The "I AM" School offers a Primary Montessori based program. Children learn all subjects, including math, language, practical life, botany, geometry, and sensorial (developing all the senses of the children).  Children are given the freedom to choose their work from anything presented by the teacher or presented to another child.  The work itself, Montessori felt, is a harmonizing, normalizing activity for the child, and the work will create a lifelong love of learning.  We feel that there are many disciplines of


education that are wonderful so in our classrooms we pull from many different disciplines of education so that each student experiences a varied and exceptional education.

We also incorporate, daily, the Teachings of the “I AM” Activity. The purpose of the “I AM” Activity is to teach the proper use and power of the words “I AM.”  The principle is simple:  inner calmness and spiritual growth teaches self-mastery.  Whatever life demands of you, assert your God-given dominion and do it to the best of your ability.  By right action, learn to conquer every obstacle, attain self-mastery, and strengthen your own virtues.  The goal of this spiritual teaching is to protect and raise all that is constructive in the world; to maintain God Ideals by worshiping God in the highest and most powerful way possible, through the use and power of the words “I AM.” 


We, here at the "I AM" School feel the educating of your child is one of the greatest privileges we will ever be entrusted with, and we take it very seriously.  Our goal is to teach an academic and spiritual program that enables the student to master his/her own world, according to each one’s age and abilities.  

We provide a school that is a clean, beautiful, safe, and loving place for school activities that is away from the undesirable elements of public schools.  We teach ethical and moral responsibilities, instill patriotism and a love for God through knowledge and daily experience, and teach that anyone can do anything as long as he/she puts his/her mind to it.

The school hours vary, and if your child is accepted to the program, a schedule will then be provided.  We do not provide any daycare before or after school on any day of the week.

Parents are permitted to attend all field trips.  The school will consult with all parents before making any arrangements.


The school does not provide transportation for children without written consent from parents. The school does not provide transportation to and from home.

Parents are asked to supply healthy vegetarian snacks for their child which would be required for that day.

The “I AM” School, does not administer medication to children, prescription or otherwise.


Admission Policies


The "I AM" School accepts children whose parents or guardians embrace the teachings of the “I AM” Activity but may not necessarily be “I AM” Students.  If parents/guardians do not accept these teachings, admission will be denied.  The  "I AM" School requires an in-person interview with both the parents and the child before admission will be considered.  During this interview, the child’s development and needs will be assessed, and the School will determine if it can meet the child’s needs.  If this is the case, a recommendation for admission is made to the School Board of Trustees who make the final decision for admission.

The dress code is:  navy blue skirts or pants with a white collared shirt or blouse for the girls; and navy blue pants with a white collared shirt for the boys. Socks and shoes are required for everyone, slippers are permitted for indoor activities only. 


Academic Policies


Formal progress reports will be given twice a year.  In addition, informal progress notes may be received at any time throughout the year.


Goals for each child will be communicated at the beginning of each semester at a formal conference.  Informal conferences may be arranged at any time at the initiative of interested parents.  

"I AM" School Enrollment Application Handbook 2019

What Constitutes Good Teaching?


Faculty, parents, and students agree that good teaching involves:


  • genuine care and concern for the student as a whole, promotes and evaluates student growth in a positive manner.

  • preparation and organization of the course:  faculty member can organize materials and students in a logical manner.

  • knowledge of the subject:  faculty member demonstrates comprehensive knowledge of his/her subject, and can effectively impart this knowledge to the students through effective communication skills.

  • enthusiasm for subject and for teaching:  faculty member is dynamic and energetic, has the ability to convey interest and enthusiasm for the subject manner, and is able to motivate students.

  • clarity and easy to understand:  faculty member explains clearly and attempts to answer all questions, students are able to easily follow along in the class, faculty member relates concepts in a systematic manner that helps understanding, and uses well chosen examples and innovative methods to clarify points.

  • availability and helpfulness:  faculty member has rapport with students, listens to students, is willing to give personal assistance, and is readily available to students outside of class time.

  • impartial, clear, and concise evaluation of students:  faculty member clearly communicates how and what they will be evaluated on in the course, more than one type of evaluation is used, teacher promotes student growth through the evaluation methods, concepts emphasized in the course are those that are evaluated. 

  • models appropriate behavior: teacher is a role model and models appropriate standards of behavior.

"I AM" School Enrollment Application Handbook 2019

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