Graphics & Technology is a High School subject for between two to four years, depending on the vocational and subject focuses of the student.
Graphic Art

Past student projects include exploring in more depth the knowledge acquired in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign, creating our "I AM" School Newsletters, Christmas Card and "I AM" School Fundraising Calendar.

We study color, composition, balance, and impact when designing posters or page layouts. Business & Leadership students often cross over into Graphics classes to create websites, logos and other business related projects.

We have also produce movies, in 2019 "The Secret Valley", a 25 minute movie, is taken from a chapter of Godfre Ray King's book "Unveiled Mysteries". Currently the High School Graphics class is undertaking it's second movie project, becoming proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.


A newer subject at the "I AM" School, Technology capitalises on the interests of the students, as a group or individually. We have a state of the art 3D printer, we use Tinkercad programs to begin the understanding of modelling in 3D, then advance to SolidWorks foundation courses with basic engineering. We also have some fun combining these skills with simple circuit robotics.

We also cross over from Graphics and begin simple javascript programming and introduce students to app building, to build on their web building skills.

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