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Our Teachers & Staff

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Miss Shelley

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada and a graduate of the “I AM” School. Shelley graduated from York University in Toronto with two Bachelor of Arts Degrees: A Bachelor of Education; and an Honors Bachelor of Arts with a double major in English and History.


Upon graduating from University, Shelley received her first teaching position at Palmdale High School (just outside of Los Angeles) teaching High School English; and coaching the Junior Varsity, and Varsity Girls’ Soccer teams.


After two years there an opportunity arose for Shelley to teach at the “I AM” School and this was a dream fulfilled as upon graduating from the “I AM” School, Shelley’s goal was always to teach at the “I AM” School to be able to give back for all that she had been given while there.


Shelley has been teaching for over 30 years; and has been the administrator for over 20 years. Shelley, along with her husband has raised two incredible sons who are also graduates of the “I AM” School. As administrator her number one goal has always been to create a loving, kind, and safe family environment for the students, teachers, parents, and community. Every student who walks through the front door becomes one of “her kids for life.” Shelley is passionate about teaching and helping each child become the best that he/she can be.


Her hobbies include spending time with her family in meaningful ways; anything athletic but especially running, soccer, and hiking; and reading.

Shelley’s vision for the future has always been what she continually works for and that is to provide a place that is loving, safe, and protected for the students to realize their greatest potential. By being the example of love and kindness, we can shape the present and our future to be a world of love and kindness.

English; History; Economics; English as a Second Language

Office Manager

Estee Davis

Residence House Parent

Estee is a former "I AM" School student, a mother of three, and a pharmacist, who also runs her own company.

Jerry Davis

Residence House Parent

Jerry was also a student of the
"I AM" School, graduating in 1991, He is a contractor / builder, and our resident handyman.

"I AM" School - Board of Directors

Our 2020-2021 “I AM” School Board of Trustees is currently made up of 12 members drawn from a range of professional, international, business and educational backgrounds. Everyone who sits on the Board of Trustees is a member of the “I AM” Religious Activity.


The “I AM” School Board has the important responsibility of guiding decisions at Beloved Saint Germain’s “I AM” School in order for students to successfully complete and achieve an unparalleled spiritual, academic and citizenship education that will prepare them to thrive in the world. 


The “I AM” School, Inc. is a private, non-profit religious school that follows and teaches the tenets of the “I AM” Religious Activity. A core element of the School’s curriculum is instruction in the “I AM” Activity Religious beliefs.

Our Current Board President is Maria Porter.

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