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Music is a compulsory subject at the "I AM" School. Music provides enrichment to academic subjects and helps achieve balance in the mind through harmony, learning co-ordination, and dexterity.

All students become members of our highly accomplished Bell Choir, and takes personal piano lessons. Harp is also available to students if they desire, and we have a Harp Ensemble that has regularly performed. Additionally, students may like to pursue individual instruments, such as violin, which is always accommodated into the student's personal weekly schedule.


Every student at the "I AM" School takes piano lessons and performs twice a year in the Christmas and Spring Recitals.

1-3 songs are chosen by the student to study throughout the year and perform in front of classmates, parents, teachers and friends.

Students learn according to their level of music comprehension and technique. We teach mostly classical music at the "I AM" School, and utilize both Suzuki and traditional methods for teaching, depending on the age and level of the student.


We also hold choral performances at the local "I AM" Temple, and for our Recitals twice a year. Often we have choral performances that accompany, or are a part of, our dramatic productions, such as the Patriotic Play we perform each February for "Washington's Weekend". Sometimes we include performances during other festivals during the year.


Harp lessons are offered in addition to learning piano, if the student desires. Our music teacher is an accomplished harp musician, playing professionally in the Sacramento and Northern California area. 

We also have harp ensemble that regularly performs at the local "I AM" Temple, and for festivals, such as Christmas, Saint Patrick's Day, and others throughout the year.

Bell Choir

Our "I AM" School is well-known for its accomplished bell choir, often asked to perform in the community for Christmas events and at the local "I AM" Temple for musicals. All students are a part of our bell choir, which practices twice a week throughout the year. Often the more accomplished performers will form smaller groups to perform more technically challenging pieces. 

The "I AM" School has performed at the Redding Bell Choir Festival.

Personal Instruments

Many students who come to the "I AM" School in their high school years have personal instruments that they play and would like to continue to learn. This is always accommodated into the student's personal weekly schedule at the school. Past instruments include French Horn, Flute, Violin, Trumpet, Vibraharp and others.

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