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Beloved Saint Germain is known as the Lord of the Ceremonial Ray. Our "I AM" School reflects this through our many important, celebratory and Sacred ceremonies.


Our school day starts with a patriotic flag ceremony, whereby we send our love to the United States by stating our Pledge of Allegiance and "The American's Creed". High school students are selected as our flag bearers and the escorting honor guards. This ceremony has been

performed at the "I AM" School since its inception in 1936.



Our day then continues with the "I AM" School assembly, which is dedicated to a different Ascended Master each day, and is completely student led. This is a 30 minute ceremony that includes Decrees for America, our school, all children throughout the world, and a candle service. The students begin to lead assembly when they feel they are ready to, normally around grade 5 or 6, and are instructed on the pattern and how to put together an assembly outline. 

In addition to the morning assemblies, we have a "Light Class" period which concentrates on stilling the body & mind, contemplation, visualization, discussion forums, and additional Decrees for America and the world.

santa fe sanctuary with kids.jpg

Flag Ceremony, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1950's

Leading Assembly for the first time


Prior to Christmas Day, we celebrate Beloved Mary and Beloved Jesus, by lighting a candle to each and saying Decrees for the blessing of the Seven Sacred Weeks and the outpouring of Their Love to humanity by Beloved Mary and Beloved Jesus, while the attention of the world is upon them at that special time of year. This is a small addition to our morning assemblies, and the candles are normally lit by a junior girl and boy each.


We hold a very personal and sacred short ceremony in celebration and recognition of the Ascension of Beloved Jesus the Christ. The students write a note of dedication to the service of the Light, and the following day on the day Beloved Jesus made His Ascension and left that permanent record for mankind, we burn the note releasing it into the Octaves of Light.


“I AM” School Day is traditionally the first Thursday at the “I AM” Ascended Master Miracle Youth Conclave. The students of the School, the faculty, alumni, the Board of Trustees, the parents of School students, blessed ones who have given special service to the School, and all other friends, join us in celebrating this day. We start the day by serving at our Beloved Lotus’ head table for breakfast and for dinner. Escorting for the night Class is also an activity we do. Each student who is planning to attend the School takes a white rose, and each student who wishes to attend in the future carries a pink rose, individually, to Beloved Saint Germain and bows to Him, and issues a decree dedicating himself/herself to Him for the coming school year. Then an alumni bouquet is presented. After the Class, all in their Indigo and Purple Capes form an honor guard outside the Sanctuary as everyone leaves.


In early August before the school year starts, the board of trustees, staff and faculty hold a sacred ceremony to dedicate ourselves into the service of Beloved Saint Germain and His "I AM" School. This is a personal dedication, and one where new board members and teachers receive Beloved Saint Germain's Violet and Pink Cape, which is held in reverence, and only worn at ceremonial activities.


Students in their senior year receive the blessing of Beloved Saint Germain in a special sacred ceremony held at the "I AM" Temple whereby they are presented with His Indigo Cape, and a gold & amethyst school ring. This ceremony is a very personal and sacred time where the students dedicate themselves to the service of the Light. Board members, family and friends are invited to attend. It is held in February each year and coincides with "Washington's Weekend", where our bell choir performs, and the school puts on a patriotic play for the "I AM" community & family. 


Beloved Saint Germain's "I AM" School Rings


Graduation is a weekend of ceremonies and celebrations for the Graduates.


Saturday night of graduation weekend we have a Junior/Senior Banquet with family, friends and community, and we have a guest speaker. 




The Rose and Cup ceremony takes place at the banquet, whereby all the Alumni present at the banquet form an Honor Guard, while the Administrator presents the graduates with a rose and crystal cup.

Sunday is the actual graduation ceremony held at the "I AM" Temple of Mount Shasta. It is a moving ceremony where the graduates present their speeches to friends and family, recounting special memories from their time at the "I AM" School.

Following the graduation ceremony at the Temple, the graduates' parents often put on a Graduation Party for all the students, family and friends, to relax and celebrate this momentous achievement in their life.

Rose & Cup Ceremony

rose and cup.jpg
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