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2021 Student Calendar

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

This year our calendar is dedicated to the Angels of God.

This calendar was created in it's entirety by the students of the "I AM" School, including the original paintings, the original poems, and the graphic design. All inspired by the Angels they chose to be represented on this year's calendar, to illumine humanity at this important time. May you be blessed with Angel Love by this calendar.

If you wish to have an Angel Calendar please ORDER HERE to provide your details.

The "I AM" School Students started researching the Angelic Host back in September of this year. They went to The Voice of the "I AM", and especially Beloved Archangel Michael's Volume on the Angels. We also listened to dictations on the Angelic Host. From that research, favorite ones were picked with a special quality that they wanted to focus on for the 2021 year. The artists then went into the Silence, and then decreed to their Angel to step through. The drawing and painting process took months to complete. So there were months of going into the Silence and making the Calls. There were many revisions to get it just right. Then once the Angel was painted the next step the students did was to go into the Silence again and ask Their Angel to speak to them; or what would they want to say to their Angel if their Angel were to appear in front of them. The end result is what you see on the calendar pages.

The inspiration for the Cover Angel was the rainbow. The artist had made her Calls and was in the Silence and when she opened her eyes, the crystal she had in her room was refracting the sunlight everywhere in little rainbows; and the Angel was the reflection of that Light blazing all around.

If you would like to see the Ascended Masters' Words that were the inspiration to this calendar please email us with that request.

Merry Christmas; and may Legions upon Legions of the Great Angelic Host attend us all.

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