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Science encompasses all other subjects within it, such as Math, History, Geography and including Language Arts. We also approach Science through the Teachings of the "I AM," utilizing practical concepts such as understanding vibration, frequency, color, light, matter, etc.

We cover the Science concepts required for each grade level, expanding on them in more depth over each successive year. Widening the students' knowledge in: Life Science, Earth Science, Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and more. All of these concepts help them understand who they are, by exploring what is needed to maintain balance in: our solar system, our planet, our ecosystem & environment, our communities and our bodies. 

Science is a "hands-on" subject at the "I AM" School. The students have opportunities to explore and learn through experimentation, projects, research, inventions, and the many field trips we do throughout the year. We strongly feel this "hands-on" approach inspires students' love of learning, and opens their minds through natural discovery.

We utilize Scott Foresman, Abeka, and CPO science books in the classroom, as our base structure to expand from.

Miss Claudia, Grade 4-12 Teacher

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