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Beloved Saint Germain's "I AM" School is founded on the "I AM" Activity, which presents the Original Ascended Master Instruction from the Teachings given in the Books of the Saint Germain Series, and in other material released by Saint Germain Foundation and distributed worldwide by the Saint Germain Press.


This "I AM" Activity teaches the Universal Laws of Life, and is integrated through all subjects taught at the "I AM" School. First and foremost the students at the "I AM" School are taught to love one's own "Beloved Mighty I AM Presence" within, which is each one's own individualized Presence of God. Out of this awareness and connection to one's "Mighty I AM Presence" stems all conscious knowledge, understanding, and right use of the Great Creative Power of the Universe. 

    "The 'I AM' Schools are and should always be the greatest enjoyment in the growing activity of every child and young person.

    "Every moment of everyday in every 'I AM' School should be a constant service to Life in the great Harmony and Consciousness of the Ascended Masters and the constant use of Their Light Rays."

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